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In terms of eateries Dniprodzerzhynsk has really much to offer to its residents and the guests of the city.


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Dniprodzerzhynsk is an industrial city situated along the Dnieper River in the Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine.


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Dniprodzerzhynsk is an industrial city situated along the Dnieper River in the Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine. Historical documents tell us the city was established in 1750 that started when two villages became one that was called Kamianskoye. The city was renamed in 1936 in honor of Felix Dzerzhynsk (leader of Bolsheviks). The city gained its fame for such leaders as Leonid Brezhnev, who was born and grew up in Dniprodzerzhynsk.
The city is located in a very favorable geographical position. The region the city lays in is rich in iron ore and coal. Its area is over 15 000 hectares. It is a city with well-developed heavy industries (ferrous and steel metallurgy). Dniprodzerzhynsk has a great transportation infrastructure: railways, roads, water. The economy of the city highly depends on its chemical industry. Most of the consumer products are manufactured in Dniprodzerzhynsk and exported to other cities of Ukraine and abroad.
The population of Dniprodzerzhynsk is mostly Russian Orthodox and the Orthodox Church of Saint Nicholas is the biggest in the city. This church was constructed in 1894 has become the center of Roman Catholicism in Ukraine. The Orthodox Church of Saint Nicholas has a monastery. There are over 14 parishes of Russian Orthodox Church in the city. Here there is also an active Jewish community, new community center and synagogue. Dniprodzerzhynsk has various cultural centers, music schools, culture palaces and art schools. There are 19 museums in the city, 93 libraries, several cinemas, etc. Thus, you can judge about the cultural heritage of Dniprodzerzhynsk population. Many famous Ukrainian poets are originally from Dniprodzerzhynsk: Kovalenko, Burkhan, Isayev, Stobova and many others.
When visiting Dniprodzerzhynsk you will be able to visit its numerous architectural masterpieces and over 100 monuments scattered across the city. You will notice that there are many sport grounds, fields, stadiums, gymnasiums, training centers and shooting galleries, because Dniprodzerzhynsk is promoting sports among Ukrainian population.
The city has become a very popular destination among Western men recently due to the beauty and humble nature of local women. It is a fact that many foreign men come to Dniprodzerzhynsk to meet Ukrainian brides. These men have learned about the warm nature and family focus of local ladies and travel half-world way to marry that special one. Foreigners are amazed how nice-looking, stylish, charming and intelligent Dniprodzerzhynsk girls are. They call it a rare combination of beauty and brain. Local nature has given much not only to the city, but to its gorgeous female residents too. Living in a modern industrial city with high economic level , local girls go to high schools, get one and more high educations, that is why they are so intelligent and smart. They always have a topic for the discussion.
Dniprodzerzhynsk takes pride to offer its visitor not only pleasurable, but also enlightening and memorable stay!

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